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This was one of the weirder nights of my life. A friend called at 4pm and said, "Can you do a shoot at 11pm tonight? Akon will be there." Akon never showed up, but I improvised everything in this video (including the very unrehearsed kidnapping outside a Norm's restaurant.) 

Making OG Boo Dirty break was a real career highlight. 

I've performed sketch, improv, and theater across the country. I've performed on the mainstages of  Second City in Chicago, Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Denver. I've also performed at UCB, IO-West, IO-Chicago, The Annoyance Theater, The Playground Theater, The Kirk Douglas Theater, and dozens more. I've been in a lot of commercials, and a few other spots. 

Also mostly improvised. AND I have no idea how to play the ukulele. Never had a lesson in my life. 

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